Prepared range

Prepared range of meats in Melbourne

Minimal time & effort

Seasoning, marinading & tenderising meat takes time. We can help save you the effort.

All-natural meats

Every product we prepare is lean, clean & green. You only get natural ingredients.

We prepare, you cook

You have the freedom to cook our prepared meat how you like it & when you want it.

We can prepare exactly what you need

Our products

Our prepared range includes a variety of meats that come seasoned and ready to cook. We offer all traditional cuts, including roasts, steaks, patties & more. All products can be cooked in a frying pan, oven, grill, kettle style or wet dish (wok).

We are excited to help make your meal a success. If you have questions about cuts, seasoning or cooking methods, we have answers. Call or visit us, and we will share over 40 years of experience with you.

Home delivery

Brendon’s Quality Meats offers convenient service you will not find anywhere else. After we cut, season & prepare your meal, we will deliver it right to your doorstep.

World-class recipes

We offer expert preparation of meat from all over the world.
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