Superior poultry in Melbourne

Our commitment to quality

We believe in the sustainable, eco-friendly & ethical treatment of animals. You will only find free-range, naturally raised poultry in our shop. Happy, healthy animals result in better tasting, healthier meat. When you buy your poultry from Brendon’s Quality Meats, you will see the benefits.

A world of variety

Poultry is a staple in nearly every part of the world. There are endless possibilities for seasoning, preparation and cooking it. Over the last 40 years, we have acquired a huge amount of inspiration and recipes by travelling to different countries. Come in and benefit from our experience. 

Convenient preparation & delivery

In addition to being high-quality and delicious, we will take all the effort out of shopping and preparation. Our convenient products are made daily by expert butchers; these include heat & serve dishes, prepared meals and freshly smoked meats. Save yourself some time & effort—ask us to prepare or cook your favourite poultry in advance.

We have 40 years of experience with poultry

Local service, world-class meat

We offer friendly, expert advice & services in Melbourne.
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