Quality Pork in Melbourne

Only the best

Few things are as tasty as fresh, high-quality bacon. At Brendon’s Quality Meats, we only carry pork that comes from local, eco-friendly, humane farms; we can tell you exactly where every cut of meat comes from. When it comes to meat, quality and location is everything. We know you will taste a difference.

A diverse range of cuts

When you need hard-to-find pork products, come to us. We have travelled all over the world to find the best recipes and cuts, so we have what you need. Our experienced butchers are willing to cater to your every need and requirement. We are excited for you to meet our friendly team.

Prepared & pre-cooked meats

We have incorporated delicious recipes from all over the globe into our menu. One of our specialities is ribs; come in and try our stellar Alabama or Cape Grim short ribs today. We have a range of other convenient items, including heat & serve meals, ready-to-cook pork and smoked meats. To offer a complete service experience, we will even deliver fresh meat right to your doorstep.

Convenient service & products

Our staff will save you heaps of time and effort.
Meet our team

We offer high-quality, fresh pork

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