Exceptional Lamb in Melbourne

Quality care means quality meat

We know where each of our cuts of lamb comes from. Because of this, we ensure that you get high-quality meat that was raised humanely & naturally. By meeting these high standards, we help support local farms and all-natural foods. We also know you will taste a difference. Try our lamb once, and you will not be able to settle for less.

Free-range lamb

Our lamb is free-range, meaning they have never been confined in a cage of any kind. This allows them to move, grow and behave naturally. This freedom results in healthier animals, less chemical use, and better quality meat. By offering only free-range lamb, we allow Melbourne residents to make the ethical, healthy choice.

Delicious pre-made meals

We offer an array of prepared and pre-cooked meats. Our menu is inspired by our travels and includes authentic dishes from all over the world, including lamb curry, lamb korma and more. We now offer convenient delivery service, so you can get the exotic taste of lamb without leaving your own home.

Our friendly staff will accommodate any special order

Unmatched service & meat

Our expert team & selection of lamb is second to none.
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