Premium Grass Fed Beef in Melbourne

Spice up your beef dishes

Many of us have been eating beef our whole lives. When you eat the same thing long enough, it can get a little boring. We want to help make your beef dishes interesting and exciting again. We have travelled all over the world acquiring the best marinades, spices and recipes. Come to our shop today and bring your meals to life.

Only grass-fed beef

The beef we offer is 100% pasture fed and never grain supplemented. Because the cows do not spend their life in a stall, it allows them to live a happy, natural life. Grass-fed beef is also healthier because it contains a higher amount of beneficial fats than normal beef.

Tasmanian Wagyu

Brendon can tell you exactly where every cut of meat in our shop comes from. This ensures that each animal is raised in a sustainable, humane, eco-friendly environment. We ensure every cut of beef we supply meets the highest standard of quality. Our Wagyu beef is among the best in the world, having been raised in the clean air of Tasmania.

We offer quality beef from locally owned farms

Fresh, high-quality beef

We are committed to offering the best beef and service in Melbourne.
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